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10m Distance EMC Chamber

10m Distance EMC Chamber

10m Distance EMC Chamber

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Place of Origin: Nanjing, China
Brand Name: LOPU
Certification: CE ROHS
Model Number: LOPU

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Standard
Delivery Time: 90 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10 SET PER YEAR
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The designed & constructed anechoic chamber is a 10-meter EMC anechoic chamber, which can meet the EMI and EMS test requirements; it can also furnish the required environment for 1-meter, 3-meter and 10-meter EMC test. We recommend building two supporting shielded function rooms, namely: EMC control room and Amplifier room. EMC control room is the operation & control center of the whole EMC test, and it would be responsible for processing the received test data; the amplifier room inside would be installed with the high-power amplifiers required by the EMC test, which would provide the test signals for the transmitting antenna; All adjacent shielding rooms would be installed with signal entry panels for signal interoperability.

Anechoic Chamber: 18.7m x 11m x 8.5m
EMC Control Room: 6m × 2.5m × 3m
Amplifier Room: 3m × 2.5m × 3m
It mainly contain following parts:
1) The steel framework of Semi-Anechoic Chamber adopts attaching-type or self-supporting structure;
2) the shielded body adopts welded-type shield panels (Note: Due to electrochemical corrosion and mechanical vibration abrasion, the shielding effectiveness of PAN-type structure will be further weakened after 3 ~ 5years, and it could not keep the shielding effectiveness of 100dB @ 1GHz ~ 18GHz. The maintenance cost of PAN-type structure is relatively high. Therefore, we’d like to recommend the welded-type shield panels.)
3) raised floor and metal reflective ground;
4) Electromagnetic shielded door;
5) Cut-off waveguide window;
6) Power line filter;
7) Signal box and interface board;
8) Electrical installation and lighting;
9) Fire alarm system;
10) CCTV and voice monitoring system;
11) Turntable and controller;
12) Antenna tower and controller;
13) Supporting shielded rooms (2sets): EMC control room and amplifier room
2.1 Shielding effectiveness
Frequency Shielding effectivenss Frequency Shielding effectivenss
10kHz >70dB (magnetic field) 1MHz >100dB (electric field)
14kHz >70dB (magnetic field) 100MHz >110dB (electric field)
100kHz >90dB (magnetic field) 1GHz >100dB (plane wave)
1MHz >100dB (magnetic field) 10GHz >100dB (microwave)
100kHz >100dB (electric field) 18GHz >100dB (microwave)
2.2 Electrical characteristics / performance of anechoic chamber
Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA): compliant to the requirements of ANSIC63.4 1992
10-meter measurement distance (in the circle of 4m diameter and 2m high, centered at the EUT position):
30MHz ~ 200MHz, the theoretical deviation of NSA ≤±4dB
200MHz~1GHz, the theoretical deviation of NSA ≤±3.5dB;
3-meter measurement distance (in the circle of 3m diameter and 2m high, centered at the EUT position):
30MHz~1GHz, the theoretical deviation of NSA ≤±3.5dB
Site VSWR: in the frequency range of 1~18GHz, it shall meet the requirements of CISPR16-1-4, and then the Site VSWR of 3m measurement distance is better than 6dB.
Field Uniformity: in the frequency range of 30MHz~18GHz, it shall meet the standard requirements of IEC61000-4-3-1995 and EN61000-4-3-1996, namely: in the hypothetical vertical plane 1.5m*1.5m within the EUT area (0.8m above the floor), 3m measurement distance, it requires 75% evenly divided 16 points’ field strength amplitude deviation shall be within 0 ~ +6dB.
Background Noise Ratio: In the Semi / Full anechoic chamber, without EUT, and while running the turntable, antenna tower, CCTV sensor and lamps, the test level of the space background noise should be at least 10dB lower than the limit level Class B stipulated in standard EN55022 under frequency of 30MHz-1GHz.


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